Announcing the September Challenge!

For September’s challenge we decided to shake things by voting on some of the judges favourtie past challenges. We called it “Back By Popular Demand” and it was a simple vote…

2014_11_badge copy   VS.   Vintage Challenge badge copy   VS.   2015_01_badge


There can only be one winner and the results were closer than we expected:

So, next month we’ll revisit Vintage Patterns. Be sure to categorise your post BBPD: Vintage Patterns




6 thoughts on “Announcing the September Challenge!

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  2. vintage means ‘has been in your stash for like 3 years right? haha I’ll maybe make up a reproduction however I don’t own any actual vintage patterns. looking forward to seeing everyone’s interpretations!


  3. As I don’t own any vintage patterns and am not fond of vintage-y looks I will sit this one out and perhaps focus on outerwear anyways. I look forward to seeing all the creations this challenge will bring!


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