Pyjamas go walking two by two!

Hello all!

“Two” being the challenge this month, I used TWO pieces of thrifted flannelette (that only cost me TWO dollars, even!) to make TWO pairs of pyjama pants! And it’s even my SECOND post on TMS 🙂

I had decided to use this lovely soft fuzzy fabric to make PJ pants for my sister for her birthday, but I couldn’t decide which ones she would like…. so I made them both up, and let her choose!

KJ's Birthday PJ's

She picked the bluey-green ones, so I got the rad orange ones.

Flanno PJ's 2

I even added my homemade clothing labels.

Cookie Crumbs label

The details:

Pattern: Simplicity ‘It’s So Easy’ #2721, straight medium.

Fabric: soft brushed cotton flannellette, found at an op shop, plus some elastic from my stash.

I also made cheesecake.

Totally filtered.

To read some more about the pyjamas and the cheesecake, drop in on the blog.

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