Matching Boylston and Montgomery

Finished my Two is the Magic Number entry! I was going to make a suit but then got distracted by the new Orane Lingerie Boylston Bra pattern…and well, matching Montgomery underwear, ;).
First, the bra. This was my first go at making a bra and it turned out really well! Took me about 6 goes to get the cups right and still ended up with tight straps and band but adding some strapping and a hook extender resolved both of those issues, :). The foam cups were beige, so to make my white notions and power net match I dyed them with tea. Perfect color! The teal lace was tricky to work with, but it helps hide the rough spots, ;).

And on the inside I used ribbon to cover all the seams for a pretty look, to add strength to the seams, and to be comfortable. More on the process at my blog.

The underwear was super easy after the challenge of making a bra. I changed it up a little by cutting out a single back piece instead of 2 and using fold over elastic over the back leg portions. And of course I tea dyed this lace too, ;). A little bit of an addiction now. So easy and creates such a beautiful color! And matched the bra perfectly. More on my blog here.

Yay! Learned some new techniques and now I have a beautiful matching set of new lingerie! So I have a 2 piece lingerie set using 2 colors.

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