A second entry

When I was searching in my leftover fabrics to make this project I came across a large piece of leftover fabric from the Let Them Sew Cake challenge. I don’t know if this make is following all the rules, but finding this piece of leftover a year after the first TMS birthday made me decide to sew another entry. I decided to incorporate a bit of the pattern I used last year.

Using leftover fabric can be really satisfying when something wearable or usable can be made from it. I played a bit with the fabric and decided to turn it 90 degrees because it’s a 4-way stretch fabric. The pocket idea is from The Tee a free pattern from Cake patterns. Both pockets can be used. The upper pocket is first partly sewed on the lower pocket. Then the lower one is sewed on the T-shirt and the upper pocket is then sewed on the T-shirt.

A triangel is sewed on the back to add some detail there. On the triangel I sewed three small black buttons. The scarf is also from an earlier entry.

I’m now making planes for the September challenge. Still not decided what I’m going to make, but Mel, Kat and Juliet are doing a great job every month and I love reading all the other entries. And now it’s back to my sewing place.

If you love to read something more about this project or see my me made closet just klick on the words.

2 thoughts on “A second entry

  1. What a great idea, using fabric from the first birthday challenge! I love it!! 🙂

    I like the triangle you’ve added on the back – it’s a very cute touch. 🙂


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