2 x 2

I’m happy to test patterns but certainly not in calico.

Brynna in Liberty fabric – What do real models do their hands?

The Brynna dress pattern by Sew Liberated was provided to me with this Liberty fabric by White Tree Fabrics UK. This is very simple pattern to make and comfortable to wear. I adjusted the shoulder seams and on this version and the test version below.

I’m not confident enough to simply cut into Liberty fabric if I’ve not tested the pattern before. Hence a test dress was in order. This test version showed me the pockets needed to be higher for my petite-size.

Brynna test dress – I never know what to do with my hands.

So with a piece of fabric I bought at Pitt Trading during their Summer sale was a perfect my pattern test fabric. I do like this fabric because it’s soft, opaque and was affordable. Two dresses I can wear to work or to high tea.

Next up were Sew Over it Ultimate Trousers. So bring on the fabric for testing – mustard drill fabric from The Remnant Warehouse.

Mustard drill test fabric showed me the final adjustments I needed to make on this pattern. I made size 10 but since making these, I think I need to make size 8. I’ve done a sway back adjustment; lowered the centre front seam; and slimmed back the legs.

I’ve washed these a couple times and they’ve not shrunk. I’m a bit fussy with trousers…but the trouser legs are long enough to wear with boots when it’s cold.

And so the second pair of trousers were made using fabric from Spotlight.

Blue print trousers showed the body adjustments worked. I made this using size 8.

The next thing I’ll work on is the fit around the lower legs because there’s some creases around the knees.

So I rarely buy calico but I will buy fabric that I know I’ll wear and is affordable enough to have in my stash without stressing about the cost.

4 thoughts on “2 x 2

  1. Both dresses and both pairs of trousers look great!
    I am the same with ‘wearable muslins’ – if I am going to spend time making a thing, I want to be able to wear it! Hence, cheap-but-wearable fabrics are the go. I haunt the fabric shops in Marrickville Road for that exact reason 🙂


  2. Wow, I am always amazed at how many gorgeous garments you make! And these are no exception. 🙂 I’m especially loving the Brynna dress in the liberty print – it’s beautiful and looks fabulous on you. 🙂


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