Cigarette pants to go with my grainline studio morris blazer.

This is my first post on the monthly stitch so I hope I’m doing it right!

This months challenge is perfect.  I’ve been on a bit of a mission to do some sensible sewing.  I’m trying to stop making endless dresses that don’t get worn. Although I love beautiful, bonkers, bold bright fabrics, I’m in real need of some wardrobe basics that will coordinate and hopefully actually get some wear in real life.  Frustratingly black clothes don’t photograph well and show every tiny mistake,  eccentric quilting cotton looks great even in bad light and can hide a multitude of mishaps,  but I shall remain firm and stick to my brief.  And Wowzer!  I’ve made my first pair of trousers.  Amazingly they’re not too bad.

I’m having a go at the cigarette pants pattern from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual…… DSCF1333

… go with my Grainline Studio Morris blazer. DSCF1126 morris blazer

I’m using the same stretch poly/wool suiting so I hope this counts as ‘two is the magic number?’ two garments in the same fabric, right?

The pattern was all kinds of wrong for my shape,  Gertie drafts for a pear shape and I’m a horrible weird shape, there is no fruit on this planet that can describe it . After following the fitting guide in the book and hacking away at 2 muslin’s over the course of a week I’ve finally managed it.  I needed to lower the waistline, narrow the hips taper the legs and scoop out the crotch seam.   After all that the construction was actually nice and simple as were the instructions.  Anything you’re unsure about is thoroughly explained at the front of the book.gertie trousers 1gertie trousers

The invisible zip at the back is nice and I like the pockets.  You may not think them amazing but they are so comfy and I love them.  I really enjoyed the whole trouser experience, I love learning new stuff.   I’m going to have a go at Simplicity 1696 trousers soon.  Hopefully they will have fewer fitting issues.

Ohhh!   look what I got in the post today,  New shoes!!  Just because I promised myself to do some sensible sewing I never said anything about only wearing sensible shoes!  Check them out!


Chie Mihara Expo Star.

And finally here are the trousers and jacket.  They look great together a real triumph as I’ve only been sewing since last April.  At last I’m getting there, Hooray! DSCF4251DSCF4280DSCF4279DSCF4256DSCF4273

you’re welcome to check out the blazer on my blog.  I hope your not too disappointed!  The sensible sewing is not going to last forever.  The bold bright fun prints will be back soon enough.

14 thoughts on “Cigarette pants to go with my grainline studio morris blazer.

  1. I’ve been telling myself that it’s time toke some clothes that I really need like a pair of cute cigarette pants. Gotta have a pair of those and they look great with the blazer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The trousers took a lot of patience fitting but well worth it in the end. The sew over it ultimate trousers look to be the same kind of thing. Definitely give the jacket a go It’s may favorite project so far and hides a multitude of sins.


    • Sewing is a blessing and a curse. It makes you all the more aware of your “flaws” but on the other hand gives you the power to disguise them. I love that!


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