Happy 2nd Birthday Monthly Stitch!

Let me just say, and I am sure everyone out there will agree, that you have a lovely system here for getting us sewers (sewists?) together and I thank you all for the hard work you do in keeping the Monthly Stitch running for all of us!  HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY – WHOO HOO!

Now on your TWO, I’d like to show you my TWO…

My sister and I (who are another TWO!) went fabric shopping and she bought TWO lovely fabrics – the black and white below, which we nicknamed “Picasso’s Flowers” and “The Clark Gable” below.  Picasso’s Flowers is 100% polyester and The Clark Gable is 100% cotton.  They both felt very nice and yet were stiff enough to make skirts.  My sister left the fabrics with me and loaned me her TNT skirt pattern, her McCall’s #4408, a 1989 vintage pattern. 

These TWO skirts were very easy to sew, even with the alterations my sister requested.  She didn’t want the side seam opening as instructed in the pattern and she wanted two rows of narrow elastic, not one row of wide elastic, in the back of the waistband, and no elastic in the front of the waistband.  Interestingly enough I used one method for inserting the elastics in The Clark Gable and another method for inserting them in Picasso’s Flowers!

I put, in detail, on my blog here and here the two different ways to insert the elastic casings in the back of the skirt.  So if you are curious, please stop on by!

The final results!  I wish I could have had my sister model her skirts but she is back home now.  Maybe next time she comes to visit?


I love my sister’s skirts – I hope she does too!  I managed to get a tracing of the pattern pieces for myself so I might be making a THIRD!

Thanks for reading!  and Happy Birthday Monthly Stitch!

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