Corduroy + Chiffon = MAGIC!

This is my first Monthly Stitch challenge and I am thrilled to join all you inspirational sew-ists!

webIMG_4638TWO IS THE MAGIC NUMBER…This was a fun, open-ended theme that made me think hard! Ultimately, I decided to challenge myself design-wise and pair two unlikely fabrics: a heavy corduroy and an embroidered, sequined silk chiffon. The chiffon (and I am convinced that it is silk based on an impromptu iron burn test) was the outer layer from this Indian garment I got at the thrift store (at left). The only Indian garment name I know is “sari.” What do you call it? Kurta? Someone who knows, please tell!

The vest turned out pretty much exactly like my original design sketch. Which is encouraging! I’m getting to the point where I know what I want… The only thing I left out was another sequined motif on the back yoke. It was just looking a little too glitzy/rodeo costume. I had to reign it in a bit.


With this full top, I like wearing it open. But it does close up nicely under a more fitted shirt.webIMG_4776I have a swayback and am constantly learning new ramifications of that. But I think this one fits just right in the back! ūüôā

webIMG_4778It’s fully lined with the lining fabric from my thrift store find. This, I am not so sure it is silk — but it feels like it! Also, I think this was the first time I ever did a bagged lining without scratching my head a bit!


A few more construction details (and mistakes confessed!) on my blog. Thanks for letting me join you lovely ladies!

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