Two halves of One Waxprint Whole (Pt 1)

Happy 2nd birthday to The Monthly Stitch!

It’s lovely to be part of such a friendly, supportive, uber-creative community 🙂 Cheers to you all!!

For this month’s challenge I asked (via Facebook) if anyone would like to split a piece of fabric with me – 2 makes from 1 piece – and Helena replied. I headed down to the market and picked us out a blue circle waxprint, hoping it would be flexible enough to suit a range of projects. I chopped it in two, popped half in the post and I can’t wait to see what Helena makes! (UPDATE: Helena made a beauuuuutiful Belladone, check it out over here!!)

For my part, I’ve been pinning a lot of backless dresses lately – cross strap, tie back etc – so I wanted to explore something in that vein.

Inspiration images via Pinterest

My starting point was the BHL Kim dress, a lovely princess-seamed bodice with a sweetheart neckline. I’d already had one go at it, so I knew I was happy with the shape and I kept the front centre and side pieces just the same.

Meanwhile the hack’s all out back – I extended the side back piece into a blunted triangle. I then made simple rectangular ties, which I sandwiched between the shell and lining, going over a few times to make sure they were securely anchored. I also added a waistband across the back to enclose the top edge of the skirt, fastening with a couple of press studs.

After the first wear I added a couple of hooks and eyes to the centre back as the ties tended to work loose (especially when spinning!). But apart from that I’m pretty happy with this hack!

Siobhan xx

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13 thoughts on “Two halves of One Waxprint Whole (Pt 1)

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  2. Gosh, saw Helena’s version first, then did a double take when I came across yours – two out of the same fabric! Very crafty of you two, and they’re both fabulous!


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  5. This is great, love the back! It’s really weird to see this fabric as something else since I’ve been working with it into my vision for almost two weeks now. I just have the handsewing left, so I hope to get some pictures up this weekend.


  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! Brilliant idea for a pattern hack. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing what Helena makes as well – such a fun idea!


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