Happy Birthday with the Sky Skirt

Happy Birthday TMS, lets see how many times I can get the number two into this post.  Let me introduce you to the Sky Skirt.

This is the Fatale Sister skirt by Vanessa Pouzet and this is the 2nd time I have made it, the first time was for Indiew Pattern Month, New to Me.  I incorporated 2 fabrics, a very creasey turquoise linen and a linen/ramine mix from a pair of charity shop trousers.  Believe it or not I had just ironed this skirt before taking these pictures.

I lined this version, which definately makes it more wearable.  I don’t think I quite followed the instructions, as my understanding of French is somewhat limited.  So I attatched the lining at the waistband and hem, wrong side together, turned it the right way out and slip stitched the lining ddown the sides of the zip.  I may have to go back and line my initial version.

I teamed the skirt with a refahioned Plantain t-shirt made from 2 charity top t-shirts.

If you are not a cycling fan, you might wonder why this is called the Sky Skirts.  During le Tour de France in July, I undertook my own little set of challenges related to le Tour de France.  The Team Sky strip, is turquouse and black, all be it predominately black with a turquoise stripe.  So this is to celebrate Chris Froome winning le Tour de France for the 2nd time by using 2 French pattern designers, both items in 2 colours.

The made the same changes to the pattern that I made last time.  I added pockets (a must) and I graded between size 44 at the waist to size 42  at the hips.

Happy Birthday The Monthly Sitch, here to many more.  If you want to check out any more of my ramblings, head over to my blog

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