Two halves of One Waxprint Whole (Pt 2)

You have already seen part 1 of this wax print creation, here I am with part 2. As Siobhan explained she offered to split a wax print length with a monthly stitch member in order to make two garments from one fabric – long-distance style. We chatted a bit about colours, I wanted red, green or blue with a large print. I think Siobhan delivered quite well.

With this fabric I wanted to make something structured and I have coveted Deer and Doe’s Belladone dress for quite a while. Since this fabric had come from Africa and was a gift I wanted to pay attention to detail in my final dress. Five bodice toiles and one wearable muslin later, here it is.

I really like the outcome of the dress, but after having sewn so many versions of it, I’m ready to move on. The bias tape I chose for binding was a bit too thick and also during this project I learnt that I don’t really like working with bias as binding. If I make this dress again I will try and think of a new way to stabilise it.

The Belladone dress is fun and easy to wear and I suspect they both will be worn over long-sleeved t-shirts in the fall. Because I want to wear my two Belladone dresses and August is not the best season for sundresses if you, like me, live way up north. Luckily I will go to Italy in October and I have a strong feeling this dress will accompany me there. It might even be a handmade holiday.

I used a piece of black denim for the waistband as I didn’t want the hassle of pattern matching the waistband (plus I didn’t have enough fabric to do any kind of pattern matching). In the end I really like the contrast the denim brings both in terms of breaking up the print, but also a break in African and Western fashion.

To sum up I wish to add Happy Birthday to The Monthly Stitch, two years already! A toddler, the terrible twos, constant babbling (maybe I’m just comparing too much with my own two-year old at home. I’m sure TMS is well behaved). Also a thanks to Siobhan for the idea and the fabric, I loved working with it and it was fun to do a long distance blogging project. In case you missed it, Siobhan has already posted her creation. If you wish to read more about my fitting alterations and stupid decisions see my post on my Jade Belladone. My post on the African Belladone.

Bonus pics of my wearble muslin, the JAde Belladone:

15 thoughts on “Two halves of One Waxprint Whole (Pt 2)

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  2. Hurraaaay!! Ooh you did the fabric so proud! And such commitment to fit – 5 toiles eep!! It totally shows though, the fit is beautiful. Longdistance high five! 🙂


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