2 Shirts – 2 Ways

Happy Anniversary TMS! For the 2 year anniversary, Michelle hit me up and asked me if we wanted to knock this “TWO” challenge out together! We decided to each make the same pattern in African print! This garment counts for me a couple of more times though because this is my SECOND time using wax print and I can wear my Shirtdress TWO ways!

Check out me and Michelle’s daughter, Mori, rocking our McCall’s 6124 shirtdresses!  Michelle’s is traditional sans the buttons and buttonholes and mine is sleeveless with only the mandarin-style collar.!

My second way to wear this dress is as an actual dress:

I genuinely had a great time meeting Michelle and Mori and getting to know them better. Such nice women and so generous! I’m convinced that sewing friends are some of the BEST friends and I hope see them again sooner rather than later. A HUGE “Thank you!” goes to Michelle for all of these pics as well!

You can check out Michelle’s TMS post here and see more pics of me and Mori rocking it in Philly! And you can find more details about my shirtdress on my blog here!

11 thoughts on “2 Shirts – 2 Ways

  1. I am so excited that you guys got together and took our 2nd birthday ideas to the next level. You both did an incredible job and I am so jealous of the amazing fabrics. Great photos too, it looks like you both had a lot of fun with this 🙂


  2. Wow!!!! You ladies look absolutely stunning!! That photo shoot looks like you had so much fun!! 😀

    Love the way the two of you made two completely different-looking garments from the one pattern. And those fabrics!! *swoon*


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