The Magic of 2 with the Pin Peg Mini Skirt

I’m feeling the Magic of 2 quite a bit with this project. I created a 2-fer by making my Pin Peg skirt reversible with 2 fabrics I’m excited about. I also made something that works for the August challenge and for Never Ending Summer week in my Sew Long Summer sew along; 2 birds as they say. And this is post #2 for me here at the Monthly Stitch.

PinPeg summer 1

PinPeg summer 2

Just a few details: I paired fabrics with a similar stretch, weight, and opacity. I used an abstract stretch cotton sateen from Fabrics & Trimmings and a stretch cotton twill called Stingray from Felinus Fabrics (sold out). I bought the Pin Peg Mini from Sew This Pattern when she generously shared a sale price with us all.

PinPeg winter 1

PinPeg winter B1

Getting the right fit took a little work. I give more details in my blog post, but the pattern printed out wonky.  I’m so glad I worked through a muslin before cutting into these awesome fabrics. I’m really pleased with my reversible version and I’m glad I can share with you how I modified the pattern with a brief tutorial over on my blog.


Please stop by mahlicadesigns tomorrow 9/1, where I share a more detailed post and the tutorial on how to make a reversible version.

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