Two Morris Blazers

The Morris pattern is back! The friend I bought the pattern with has made three already, and I knew I wanted more, so I  thought it would be a good double for The Monthly Stitch’s take two theme. I finished these two last week but only just got this blog online in time.

And this month I finally bit the bullet and bought an overlocker. I had been thinking about it for ages and when I got my tax return I decided it was time. No more finishing seams with zig zag, I’m pretty excited.

I don’t know how to use it yet, but the shop are going to give me an hour of training and when I collected it they asked me what colour I wanted it threaded with, and I chose black.


Morris #2 Details

Pattern: Grainline Morris blazer

Size: 10

Fabric:  A poly/rayon/spandex stretch suiting from Textile Traders

Cost: $12.59

I had already cut out the black suiting cut for my second Morris so off I went. Overlocking the seams was great fun and the whole project should have been so easy. I had already know the pattern, know it fits and how to make it and I loved the fabric yet somehow this just turned into a bit of a heartache.

I was dealing with a neighbour having decided to get a new and constantly barking dog at the time that was really stressing me out in the evening and maybe that made me tense when I was making this.

The fabric hangs well but certainly doesn’t press well which made attaching the facing and top stitching difficult.

I actually finished it about 10 days ago but unlike I usually do when I make something, I didn’t wear it straight-away. Then I got over it and wore it work and someone told me it looked nice and they didn’t even know I had made it myself. There you go. It’s comfortable and being black, matches most things.

Morris #3 Details:

Pattern: Grainline Morris blazer

Size: 10 graded to 14 at the bottom, with four inches added to the length

Fabric:  1.5 metres of poly/rayon/spandex ponte double knit from Spotlight

Cost: $19.49

This was inspired by this Morris by What Katie Sews. I thought this fabric looked perfect for a longer, more casual version. Unlike Katie though, I lengthened my pattern by four, not two inches and I think it could have been a bit much. It hangs low below my hips in a very unhip 90s style, I’ve lost all the cute boxiness of the original pattern. But hey, it’s comfortable and wearable.

I’m going to think of it as a weekend cardigan. I did lengthen the arms as well but ended up chopping then off to bracelet length before I put the facings on. They just looked too long. They are still longer than the original pattern but not as long. I’ve seen some online with sleeves far longer than the hem of the blazer and I think it looks really unbalanced, so I wanted to avoid that.

I did have a much happier time making this and the fabric is lovely and soft and easy to sew with and I wore it several times over the weekend, so that’s done.

Overlocked insides!

More projects on my blog – happy sewing.

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  1. I’m definitely doing on of these – totally on my list! I’m hoping to get my paws on an overlocker tomorrow night at sewing class to see if I like it! It could be the start of a beautiful relationship …. (don’t tell my Pfaff!)


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