Two Dresses for a Two Year Celebration

Two is the Magic Number on this two-year anniversary of The Monthly Stitch.

Two is also the number of this post — it’s my second one since joining! Since I missed last month’s challenge, I wanted to be sure to participate in August, even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make, how I wanted to interpret “two” this month.

Turns out I spent the entire month making two versions of Kwik Sew 4098, with the addition of some sleeves. The first, a wearable muslin of grey scraps and a grey printed sheet. It’s nearly wearable; just a few bits of redoing will make it a proper dress. And thanks to all the Monthly Stitch readers weighing in on Facebook, I decided to use this crochet trim and lay it against the print.

And it turns out that I quite love the combination of fabric and trim, and will be finishing up the necessary alterations to be able to wear this one (even if it does mean taking the zip out again)

This was all a lead-up to the main event: dress number two, a Book-inspired dress that I’d been imagining for a while, but it all came together when first, I found the perfect metallic piping for the concept, and second, the “Inspired by a Book” contest on gave me a deadline in which to make up this dress that I’d been thinking about.

Unfortunately, KwikSew 4098 was not a great pattern — maybe I got a bad batch, but the sizing seemed off; large didn’t match with large, waistband piece was shorter than the finished garment measurements, etc. Fortunately I had quite a bit of extra fabric to play with in my muslin, so I was able to notice and fix most of those issues for the final “bookish” dress. But it did make the entire process much longer!

So this is a two-for-one pattern in many ways — I made two dresses from the same pattern, meaning I had 2 full weeks of cursing and jabbing myself with pins and washing blood out of fabric and having to do everything twice (hey, another two!) For some reason, this pattern was a massively complicated affair — besides the sizing issues, there seemed to be something going wrong with nearly everything at some point. Just one of those projects…

In any case, I now have two new dresses, both of which I love, and once I finish the fix-ups on the grey one, they will be two very wearable fall dresses.

Since I’m a librarian in my day job, I think that a dress which looks like an old book is perfect work wear for me. But a word to the wise…when using metallic piping, cover the ends on the inside of your dress. Loose metallic threads are quite sharp and prickly!

To get a few more pictures and comparisons between the two, you can check out my long-winded post over at my blog, if you have any interest in even more analysis!

2 thoughts on “Two Dresses for a Two Year Celebration

  1. Goodon you for persevering through a dodgy pattern – and with fab results too! I’ve found Kwik Sew to be a bit off sometimes too.


  2. I’m impressed you made two dresses with a bad pattern! And they both turned out lovely 🙂 I’m not sure I would have been that patient!


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