A tale of two Thai pants!

Hello again! After taking most of August off, I’m slowly moving back to the sewing machine!

My first after-holiday project was to be something fairly easy, and it had to include something in a bigger size!

And, as I made two of these, naturally I aimed for the “Make It Two”  challenge of August. But….. Gaaaah, I’m awfully late, but I’ll post it anyway!

As some of you know, I create and sell sewing patterns, and there’s definitively  a very high demand for patterns in more generous sizes. I’m no miniature size myself ( a U.S 12, that is!) but to make clothes up to size 24-25, you need someone in the right size-span, who is very patient (and with time to spare!) to use for fitting and photos.

But I’m so lucky, my nice mum have said yes!! Yay, so let’s begin with something easy! I decided to renew an old favorite, the relaxed Thai pants!

Are you familiar with that type of pants? If not check out my inspiration board here!

Basically they are very wide and wrapped around the body, secured with tied bands and very, very comfortable! And they look cool, in my opinion 🙂 However, as they traditionally are made with just square pieces they don’t have the best fit for a curvy woman, so I changed that! Now, with quite a few darts and a bit of shaping of the legs and the waist, they are seriously uber-cool and fit so much better!

There’s no zipper, no buttons and not really any fitting required!! What more to ask for? Well, nothing!

And just three sizes should cover all you ladies from size zero to size 24! I really hope at least, my mum is a size 18-20, and she has A LOT of room to spare in her new pants!

And here’s the most amazing part! As I’ve been planning to have pattern-give-aways now and then, I’ve decided to start with these pants!

For one month this pattern will be totally free, for you my dear readers! ( It’s available for a great price in my Etsy shop too, naturally)

Download for free directly from my Dropbox, just go right ahead!

Love, Tina

To see some more photos, hop over to my blog here and why not here too!

2 thoughts on “A tale of two Thai pants!

  1. You’ve just awakened a memory that I was going to make some of these about 5 years ago but never did. I’ll just have to make some now! I like your pair with the added shaping- very nice.


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