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It’s vintage pattern month this September on the monthly stitch (back by popular demand!).  I have various WIPs and imaginary projects on the go, but I knew it would not take me long to whip up a different view of a shirt I made earlier in the year.

BeFunky Collage

Style 2769 is a simple unfitted shirt with kimono sleeves. Although there is no shaping, believe it or not, there is a dart up towards the collar, which needs to be sewn on the facing as well.

BeFunky Collage 2

The button lapel collar version I made last time round is pretty distinctive, so I chose the shawl collar version this time.  It was my first time constructing one of these and I had to read the instructions a couple of times.  The fabric is a cotton voile and I had this shirt in mind when I bought it. I realised I could make the shirt out of 1m if I cut the facings on the cross grain. That collar is pretty tall and I have decided I like it much better folded over.


Choosing buttons was difficult as I had so many stashed sets that went well with the fabric.  I finally settled on some larger ones that are almost transparent but with a beautiful pearly sheen on them (thrifted, 40c!), and I  enjoyed sewing them on with bright pink thread.


Spring is lovely right now in the sub-tropcis but it is usually a short lived pleasant period before a long hot summer beats down on us.  I predict that this lightweight loose fitting top will get a lot of wear in the coming months!  I also think this is a shirt that I will be able to wear to work or on the weekend.  Most of my wardrobe turns out to be one or the other.


So, how old does a pattern need to be to qualify as vintage?  This one is copyright 1979 but seems to hark back to earlier eras.  I picked it up in a box of fabrics and patterns donated to our school during fete time last year by a man whose wife had passed away.  Stamped size 16, I nearly dismissed it, but when I checked the measurements it seemed to be my size.  Unlike modern Big 4, where I do measure into a size 16, but I usually need to sew a 12 or I would be swimming in it!  All the pieces were cut out, which is fine when you only have one size, and only one piece was missing – a sleeve facing from one view.  I wonder what view she made for herself and what fabric she used?

Project summary

pattern: Style 2769 (© 1979)

fabric: cotton lawn from Spotlight

notions: buttons, interfacing

worn with: simplicity 2152 denim skirt

This post is a direct copy from the one on my blog ;o)

14 thoughts on “something vintage

    • The funny little (short) fisheye dart from the collar pointing towards the armpit. It must be there to keep the neckline flat once you cut in to the neckline to make the shawl collar. Now that I have folded the collar over it probably covers most of it!


  1. The blouse is very nice, and you wear that color so well 🙂 I also wonder where the vintage-line is drawn. I recently made a blouse from a 1981 pattern. I was born then, so if the pattern’s vintage, that means I am too 😀

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  2. It’s lovely, I think I nearly bought that lawn from spotty a while ago. I definitely pawed something very similar. I love this style of shirt – you’re right, it seems to span so many eras. I’ve a very similar style one that I love to bits – I even extended it and made it a dress one summer. Lovely story too!

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