Double Datura

Happy Birthday to The Monthly Stitch!  I wouldn’t want to miss the party, even if I’m a bit late.

I can explain about that– I had a completely different, somewhat elaborate plan for this challenge that I pursued until. . . well, until I had an idea for a project that I was more motivated to sew.  Sometimes careful, methodical planning works really well for me, and sometimes I lose interest in my plans.  So, new plan: I upcycled two garments to make two Deer and Doe Datura Blouses using two additional fabrics.  Yay!

double daturas

double daturas

This year in my sewing I’ve focused on finding the proportions and silhouettes that I really love to wear.  I kind of lost my way there for a while with most of the garments I sewed in 2014, quite the downer.  The two garments I upcycled for this challenge are shapes that I like in theory, and on other people, but not on me.  The fabrics, on the other hand, I love.

original Papercut Saiph Tunic:

liberty saiph

hacked off, still not right:

jenna cardigan & annalisa skirt

original Schnittchen Sophie:

Made my top, bra, underwear, Fenna's dress. #mmmay15 day 4 about to bike home from school.

The Datura yoke is fully lined.  I used a pale pink cotton batiste for the yoke linings on both blouses.  For the body I used a linen cotton blend that looks silver on one side and navy with a hint of silver on the other side.  I went back and forth about using both sides of this interesting yet subtle fabric, but in the end I used the navy as the right side for both blouses.  Instead of topstitching the yoke seams I stitched in the ditch for a more invisible appearance.  I was able to make enough bias tape from the green Sophie to finish both hems.  The buttons are also the same.  I got them from a market stall in London, I believe in Greenwich, on the South bank of the Thames, where I was a tourist with my family about a year and a half ago.

double daturas

The Datura shape works well for me, even though Deer and Doe patterns are designed for an hourglass shape and a C-D cup and I’m most definitely a pear shape and A cup.  I graded out one size at the waist and hips, otherwise no changes.  I like the fit in the upper chest and the bust shaping.  I could fill out the bust more, of course, but I like the loose fit as is.

double daturas

I did have trouble sewing the shoulder seams as instructed.  They look a bit lumpy.  When I made Datura the first time several months ago, I didn’t follow the instructions and just did my own thing– those shoulder seams look lovely.  I wish I could remember what I did!  Next Datura I’ll think carefully about how I want to construct the yokes.

double daturas

Alright, thanks for having me, and again happy happy birthday!