Anne Adams 4769 circa 1954

As Vintage Patterns are one of the main things I sew (that and reproduction vintage) the September challenge was a no brainer for me. In fact I’ve sewn more than one vintage pattern this month, but I thought I would show off what is easily my favourite vintage pattern this year.

Anne Adams 4769, circa 1954, bust 29″

Anne Adams 4769 in a 29″ bust!

Obviously some serious grading up was called for to get this pattern to fit my voluptuous 44″ Bust, and while I’m not completely happy with the fit everywhere, I am still pretty happy with the outfit as a whole. When I make this again, I will just be tweaking it a little extra in a few places.



To keep the design elements as the key feature, I chose a quilting cotton with a very subtle print of yellowy scissors on a cream background. This was matched perfectly with the vintage buttons from my stash.

I decided to make the skirt a gathered skirt instead of the one with the pattern, as I was a bit limited with how much fabric I had. I also chose to make the top and skirt as separates. This top also looks really great with high-waisted jeans or a black pencil skirt.

My original post about this outfit can be found here, or to see more of my Vintage style makes, head to my blog Miss Dixie O’Dare


7 thoughts on “Anne Adams 4769 circa 1954

  1. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!! Great job with the grading. 🙂 I can see why you love it – such a pretty and unique style, and it looks like such fun to wear and swish around in!


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