50’s Dorthy Isn’t in Kansas Anymore

Hello Everyone!  So it’s time for more awesome dance costumes!  This is the first of many from the next dance show!!  This dance is Wizard of Oz themed, as you can see, and the girls are dancing to “Low.”  You can see the other stuff I have made for Illini West High School, and Ashley’s Dance Studio, in the following links:  Kimono’s,  The Kings Skirt,  Gold Skirts,  Peter Pan,  Captain Hook.

50's Dorthy Front

So my Dorthy is vintage 50’s themed.  For the top I did use a pattern Simplicity 1950’s, and then turned the bottom into a pablum top.  Dorthy will also be wearing super ruby red bedazzled booty-shorts and the same styled converse.  She is going to look so freaking cute!

Simplicity 1426

In the back I didn’t want the possibility of buttons popping out so I threw in a zipper.  I can’t wait to show the girls their new costumes!  Upcoming in the next couple weeks will be Todo, Lion, Wizard, and Guards.

50's Dorthy Back

I absolutely think that this costume is freaking adorable!  If I were to do it different next time, I would alter how I dealt with the band and the pablum.  But the way that this lays on my manikin is a little different that the way that it will lay on the girl.

Let me know what you think!!

If you would like to see the rest of this post, you can view it at my website.

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