October’s Final Frontier: Starry Pattern Hack

I missed last month’s theme, although I had plenty of vintage patterns to try out. Just had to enjoy everyone else’s makes.

But I’ve got a jump on October’s Final Frontier, thanks to extra motivation via a contest held as part of Sew Indie Month. I decided to try out my pattern hacking skills by mashing up one of my favourite patterns, the Zsalya by Kate & Rose, with the Cressida skirt pattern by Jennifer Lauren Vintage, to make a dress inspired by the folk wear influences seen on the runways over the last few weeks.

When I went shopping in my stash for suitable fabrics, I discovered two that matched nicely. One of them has been in my stash for at least 15 years, and it was a great choice for a Final Frontier project:

This fabric is really great in real life. It seems to have a depth of field and the dots really do look like stars when you’re looking from a nearby vantage point.

Closeup of front bodice

So, I altered the Zsalya top by reducing its fullness using darts in the front and by folding out the excess in the back. I had to get it to the right size at the waist to fit into the waistband of the Cressida. After trying out multiple ideas at the muslin stage, I finally got it to work. The skirt was the easy part; I just had to remove the front button placket. Then I finessed the gathering in the sleeves, and put it all together, using a side zip as the closure.

sleeve darts

This was a lot of fun to make; it was challenging and the pattern alterations took me a full week of evenings spent redrawing and retrying to get it right. My husband had to pin and repin the bodice for me so many times I think it’s convinced him that I really need a dressform for my birthday, haha. I enjoyed the challenge and of course finally getting it to fit. I’m also very happy with the combination of fabrics — I think they look pretty together, and I’ve also finally used more of my deep stash!

For more construction details you can visit my full blog post over at Magpie Makery. If you are so inclined, you could also visit Sew Independent and take a look at all the pattern hacking entries, and if you so choose, put in a vote for this one 🙂

2 thoughts on “October’s Final Frontier: Starry Pattern Hack

  1. Nice thinking with the pattern hacking! That fabric is fabulous – so cute, and you’re right, so perfect for the Final Frontier challenge! 🙂 Good luck in the contest.


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