Sneaky late September post – McCalls 6852

Hi all!

My September was full of non-sewing related stuff, and my original ‘vintage pattern’ project ran into a snag. This was my last-ditch effort to meet the challenge! I know I didn’t make the deadline… or the late deadline…. or the extra-late deadline… but I wanted to share anyway 🙂

Pattern – I used McCalls 6852, which was designed for woven fabric cut on the bias. I made mine out of jersey instead.

McCalls 6852

Alterations –  The original jewel neckline was chokingly high, and I cut it down by about 3cm. (Then stretched the neckline when attaching the binding and had to fold it under again!)

Fabrics – with a nod to Buy Nothing New Month, I used some viscose/rayon jersey harvested from some thrifted clothing.

Result – it’s super comfy! I love it.

Pop over to my blog to see what hijinks I got up to planning the original project, which included these beauties….

Burda Moden Magazines

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