Liberty constellation fabric, It’s called kevin!

Hi!  Fitting in with this months theme I’m using a liberty print constellation fabric called Kevin but first off, sticking with the liberty theme, check out my new fabric.  They’re both Liberty lawn.  The green one is called Kit and the grey is Anderson.  I have no idea what to make out of it but I’m sure inspiration will hit soon enough.S0514686 Also these arrived today.  Ooops!  It appears I’ve been online pattern shopping after wine o’clock!!!!! DSCF4702 DSCF4703I don’t like making tops and I don’t have much luck with Tilly patters so I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time.  I really must show a little self restraint when pattern shopping.   I’d love to find a Tilly pattern that works for me so wish me luck with these.

Sewing land has been pretty quiet over here but I have managed to squeeze in a cami top.  I’ve had nothing but disasters when it comes to tops so working with silk crepe is probably not a smart move……. what the hey! let’s get stuck in.

DSCF4704The fabric is I’ve used is liberty silk crepe and is called Kevin,  the pattern is New look 6558DSCF4700

DSCF4699I’ve used view B in a size 14.  I will very reluctantly admit to my current measurements which are 37 bust in reality 34DD/E, 30 waist (not good!) and 37.5 hips.DSCF1178

After having a go at Tilly’s Fifi pattern I’m feeling a little more confident with french seams and this stitched up super fast and really well.

Along the way I’ve tried to use all the tips I’ve picked up over the last year.  Firstly I used a little spray starch to stop the fabric from shifting too much and also used a rotary cutter instead of scissors.  The other thing I used is  wonder tape to help finish the narrow hems.  I needed to take an inch out of the back to stop the saggy neckline and I need to look into the dreaded FBA.DSCF4705

In conclusion a great little top but not for me,  not great but wearable.   So I’m still looking for a pattern which flatters a larger bust, maybe Tilly will come to the rescue?DSCF4729DSCF4717DSCF4715so wearable silk camisole top just in time for winter.  Should of thought that through better,  Oh well.  Got a new hat though!

5 thoughts on “Liberty constellation fabric, It’s called kevin!

  1. For what it’s worth, my local fabric store, Colorado Fabrics, has some amazing staff members. One woman, who sews couture garments, told me that she only uses silk for fall and winter wear. Silk is a natural fiber that even though it’s really thin, is actually much warmer than people normally expect it to be. Something to consider. But being from Colorado, I also know that when it’s cold, it’s just cold.

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    • I’ve got a whole stack of patterns to try so as soon as I get it right I will be shouting it from the roof tops. I’m not giving up this top mission. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Fiona.


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