Announcing the November Challenge!

Earlier this month your editors selected 5 of their favourite challenge ideas as suggested by you to celebrate our 1000th Facebook group member then we asked you to vote for your favourite…

And it was a close one!

Capsule Wardrobe Beginnings won by one vote!

So in November we will work on our capsule wardrobes – there are two rules:

  • You must make two items
  • You can wear those two items together and/or with a third (or more) items (rtw or made-by-you) or all at once!

This doesn’t have to be a full on capsule challenge if you don’t want it to be. As always, here at The Monthly Stitch, rules are made to be stretched!

Is there an item in your wardrobe that is a style orphan? For example, a skirt – make 2 new tops that will go with it.

Have you taken up a new hobby and need specific clothes? For example, yoga – make some new yoga pants and a top.

Started a new job? How about a blazer and blouse combo?

How else could you stretch this challenge to suit you and your sewing needs?

We’ll be sending out our first newsletter in the next day tor to so don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already.



8 thoughts on “Announcing the November Challenge!

  1. Perfect! I have a week off next week and intend to spend most, if not all, of my time working on some capsule pieces for spring/summer 😀 So I will definitely participate this month! (Last month I had every intention to, but I couldn’t find ANY fabric which spoke to me – a very odd sensation! – so didn’t get anything made up)
    I’ll post plans etc on my blog once I’ve got myself sorted a bit more!


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