Gloomy grey skies

This month we were asked to look to the sky for inspiration. It’s October, I live in Sweden, shortly put: it’s autumn here. Don’t get me wrong, autumn is my favourite season, at least the early autumn when the colours are exploding and the air is crisp, but still it can be very grey and rainy. When you look up into the sky it’s overcast, the sky is filled with grey clouds of various texture and colour. It could be quite beautiful, in a way, and it could be that this fabric was inspired by an overcast, gloomy day.

Scuba knits seems to be the big thing among sewing bloggers this year. And even though I want to see myself as a person who does not abide by trends, somehow I’ve ended up with a scuba dress (and I want more scuba, give me more!). After reading about scuba on many blogs I found this piece in my fabric store’s remnant bin. The good thing about the remnant bin is that the prices are 40% off, the fabric can have some defects, this one had a small piece of the wrong colour, but usually one can work around that. So at 40% off, I figured I could try scuba.

I wanted a simple dress with a bodice and flared skirt. The skirt didn’t end up as flared as I envisioned it and in retrospect I should probably had omitted the waist seam, but I really don’t care. This dress is cool and I’ll most likely belt it anyway. The bodice is Simplicity 1539 and the skirt is a modified Burda 10-2011-104. I did a cheater FBA on the bodice; a size 10 in the shoulders, 12 over the bust and 10 in the waist (which I then took in a bit more, loads of ease in the waist on this pattern). The sleeves were a size 10, but I also took them in in the bottom as I have very narrow wrists (the only part of my body to be a size zero).

This dress is a lot of fun. I made it in three evenings to wear to my husband’s niece’s birthday party, but ended up wearing something else. In case you don’t know it, scuba is warm. Like seriously warm. Like, it’s a mini-sauna to wear it. So when the sun came out on the day of the party I knew this dress was a no-go. So it’s still awaiting its premiere wearing and I’m left pondering, can I get away with this dress for work?

As a bonus creation I’m adding this sweatshirt I sewed for my 2-year-old. A raglan sweatshirt with darts and everything. Earlier this summer I made skirts for both my kids, in the fabric of the sleeves, and now I made them matching sweatshirts. My 5-year-old is very pleased and wears both garments regularly (and has put in orders for more clothes, he’s becoming quite the vocal client), my 2-year-old wears the skirt but absolutely refuses to put on the sweatshirt. Ah, well, you can’t win them all.

8 thoughts on “Gloomy grey skies

  1. Love the texture on your scuba fabric! And the dress looks really flattering. I’m with you on the not wearing it on a hot day – I’ve a pair off 3/4 length pull on scuba leggings I made for golf – so warm!! I have to watch the weather forecast carefully before I decide to wear them 😀


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