Star Wars Wallet

At first I was thinking that I didn’t have anything I could post about and then I remembered this awesome wallet I just made! It’s my own pattern (which I will write up a tutorial for another day). I used some leather from a thrift store jacket for the exterior and Star Wars fabric for the inside. I have an Etsy shop (HazelJae Designs) and was trying to sort out things I could make for men. I also wanted something simple, hence this pattern.

First I created the main piece which I used to cut out the exterior leather piece, the fabric lining, and the pocket piece. I also created an interfacing piece from which I cut out 2 pieces of this stabilizer I had on hand. Going to try a different one next time that should add just a tad bit more stability. And then I created a 3rd piece for the 2 pockets to hold cards and things. So essentially this pattern consists of 3 different pattern pieces. Like I said, pretty simple, :).

I used clips to hold the leather down, which I folded over as minimally as I could, about 1/4″. During this go I stitched down the leather over the stabilizer first. Next Time I’ll just stitch all the layers down at once so there is only 1 line of stitching on the exterior. And had to make sure the money would fit!

Then to enable the wallet to fold in half better I cut a little sliver out of the middle of the stabilizer.

And voila, folds over pretty nicely, :).

Once finished it looked pretty good all folded up.

You can see the inside here. I used a narrow 1/4″ hem for the top of the inside pocket and tops of the card holders folding the fabric over twice to keep the frayed ends away. As for the main lining portion and large pocket I folded the outside edges under about 3/8″ so they were just inside the exterior leather piece. The small pockets are set just inside the lines of stitching and hold 4-5 cards each very nicely.

And the main pocket holds US money quite nicely!

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