My Galaxy Dress

Hello everyone!  This was actually the last wedding of this year for me.  Sorry, in an earlier post I stated that that was the last, but I promise this is the last.  Let me tell you this wedding was a blast and the food was fantastic!  It was our good friends Lucy and Josh.

Galaxy Dress Front

I found this fabric at and I fell in love with it!  It’s a sparkly jersey knit.  I love the depth of the shimmer.  Depending on the light the fabric looks either black or shades of blue!  Below are two different showings of the fabric.

Photo Oct 20, 4 07 48 PM

Photo Oct 20, 4 07 39 PM

I made this dress based on the McCall’s 6754 pattern.  The only thing that I would say about this pattern, is that it was a little too big, I had to take it in a lot, to the point where I should have made about 2 size smaller than I thought.  This gave me difficulty in the sleeves because the dress is like a baseball shirt sleeve.

Galaxy Dress Side

I am really proud of the hem  on this and the finishing of the neckline.  I really wanted it to be close to perfect as possible, after going through and critiquing my own home made closet, I found that those two things I needed more patience with.  I would say that taking just a minute longer really did make it a lot better than my earlier work.

Galaxy Dress Back

What do you all think?!  How many more wedding do you still have left this year?


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    • Congrats for you daughter! That sounds like it will be an exciting wedding! I’m sure you’ll make a beautiful dress whatever you end up choosing 🙂


    • I love this fabric and this dress! It really can be dressed up or down. Wow three wedding is plenty! I look forward to seeing all of the fun dresses you make!


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