Twinkle twinkle little star!

So I was working away on my very, very basic, plain and nothing special plan for a red sweatshirt dress. Nothing to write home about, and certainly not very exciting compared to space travels, black holes and alien creatures.

So I was getting nowhere.

But suddenly  there was a call for clothes inspired by Space, The final frontier! And all I had was my plain dress. Gah!

But right out of the blue ( black?) inspiration strikes! My dress shall be a star-dress! So in a rush I cut the whole pattern apart, used up like a roll of tape and wasted a few muslins  and…..

Ta-da, here it is, the star dress!

Can you see it! It’s maybe not overly obvious in the photo above, but there are 7 seams all coming from one point on the left shoulder.

Turned out very cool, if I may say so!

I added some nice details too, like zippered pockets and so on.

But in my head I saw an even more starry dress!! It had to come out, and some serious experimentation took place 🙂 and not all went my way. My vision could not come 100% true, but with some adaption, look at this:

I will soon add a separate tutorial on my blog on exactly how to make a big bad BLACK STAR!!

I’m was happy with this pattern, that I actually made it for sale in my ETSY shop, but for you brave souls reading all the way down here, I give it for free too, all November 2015!

Hop over to my Dropbox and Download it right now!

Read all the details about the pattern here!

And see more red star photos on my blog here!

Love, Tina

(The red dress is made in size 12, and the beige/black top is made in size 18)

16 thoughts on “Twinkle twinkle little star!

    • I just tried the link above and in the comments, and both times, I got a message saying the folder doesn’t exist. Is there something else I should be doing? I haven’t used DropBox before.


      • Oh dear, that is odd! When I check it works fine, and I can see that quite a few have downloaded it too. It could be that you have to sign up to be a Dropbox user? It’s totally free! Try that and in the meantime I’ll think of another way to share it. It’s a bit too big to attach to a mail…


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