Twist and change

IMG_0790 TMSI looked up and looked down, got new inspiration and sewed:

The sky’s the limit. And were it ends? In my closet looking for stash. A couple of moths ago I bought a lovely 4-way stretch fabric with the intention to sew another twisted top from the Pattern Magic I book. This unique, one piece pattern would be ideal for this challenge: straight forward but with a twist. Sadly there was a hiccup. The width of the fabric. Something I hadn’t noticed when I bought the fabric.

It was time to take a break and think about something else. After making another project and writing my post I came across two summer projects and I decided to make a winter version. After drafting and some changes it became a lovely well fitted top.

Like to see other pictures and or read more about the fitting adjustments and the pattern drafting, please take a look at my blog!