Announcing the December Challenge!

In September 2014 we tried something a little bit special – we gave The Collective a free pass – instead of setting a new challenge we went back in time to revisit an old challenge, any old challenge you liked…

It was so popular we wanted to do it again, and December feels like the perfect month.

You might be new around here (or been lurking for a while?) and wishing you could have participated in that amazing challenge but you missed out…last month, last year, whenever!

Perhaps you started a challenge and never finished it (I am holding up two hands!) or you did but it’s been so long since the challenge month you are too embarrassed to post it?

In December we’re giving you some extra time to sew on that last button, stitch that hem and get it up for us to see.

Have you wanted to take another crack at a past challenge you particularly enjoyed?

How about all of the above?!

December is your month!

Catch up, revisit, repeat, complete…and finally get some closure.

When you post remember to categorise “Amnesty Month 2015” AND the category for the original challenge, that way they all end up in the archive for future blog reading.

Check out all the past challenges here and click on a button. You’ll find the announcement post with all the details at the end and you can browse through all the archived posts for some great inspiration.

Tell us in the comments what challenge(s) you will be completing and why?



Other exciting things:

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  • Check out all the fabulous Final Frontier posts here. Some great interpretations of the theme!
  • We’re enjoying lots of chatter over on our Facebook group page, it’s the perfect place to discuss all things TMS and share your sewing progress. Come join us.

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