Two for the road: Capsulate challenge

I’ve been slowly building my Core Wardrobe this year, so I was right on board with this month’s Capsulate Challenge. The pieces were easily determined too, since I already had a jacket started and a top planned. The tough part, as always, is getting them done by the deadline and in this case before holiday travels.

Faux leather jacket by mahlicadesigns

What ties these pieces together was my desire to add some edginess to my wardrobe. I feel like I got there.

First up is Burda 7140 View A in faux leather and faux suede. The pattern is hardly difficult, but it took a lot of extra hours due to the special treatment needed for the fabrics. I underlined all pieces to add some body and I was constantly pressing and repressing before figuring out I just need to catch stitch all my seams open.

Faux leather jacket by mahlicadesigns

Alterations included adding 1/2in depth to the shoulder dart, shortening the sleeves by 3in (looks like they are still too long), and changing the bodice seam allowances from 5/8in to 1/2in after my muslin did not have the same ease as stated in the pattern.

Faux leather jacket by mahlicadesigns

I only loosely followed the pattern instructions, making modifications to construction order and techniques so I did not have seam lines through the cuffs and bottom hem.

I used the Georgia Top pattern from Blue Dot Patterns for my next piece. A cut out with cross bars is my edge factor and was a pretty simple pattern hack. I have a quick tutorial on my blog on how I did it.

Georgia Top

I love the look and the comfort of this top. If you’re going to copycat my idea (please do), I’d suggest making the cut out a little narrower, mine gapes just a little.

Georgia Hack by mahlicadesigns

I think both pieces go well with my RTW skinny pants, but unfortunately my jacket only has enough ease to wear with a slim top.

See more about the Georgia Top here.

Follow my blog for a more detailed look at the Burda jacket coming in December.

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  1. What a great outfit! I love the fabric combination on that jacket (and the style lines!! I think that may be the first time I’ve seen a raglan sleeve with princess seams like that before. Beautiful!). Great idea with the cut outs on the sleeve of the top – it definitely gives it an edge! 🙂


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