A SewOverIt double act: the capsulate challenge

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is one I love, however not one I have ever managed to achieve.  I contribute part of this to the fact that I don’t often wear trousers and I maintain it’s harder to have a capsule wardrobe without trousers.  Realistically it’s because I have far too great a passion for super patterned clothes which often do not go with many other patterned items in my wardrobe.

dscn5744However, today I have a sew over it double act to show you which could be the start of a capsule wardrobe.  A pair of black trousers have got to be at the base of lots of good capsule wardrobes and I don’t own a pair so I used the Ultimate trouser pattern to create this pair with exposed zippers at the ankles.  The top is a top version of the Ultimate Shift dress in a Liberty print tana lawn.  I’m wearing it here with my leather jacket and an oversize black bag.  So far it’s working in my wardrobe.

Here’s photo minus the bag and jacket for a better view of the new items:


More details can be found of constructions techniques and some more details of my fancy exposed zippers over on my blog.

One thought on “A SewOverIt double act: the capsulate challenge

  1. Great capsule mini outfit – those go so well together! I love the idea of adding an ankle zip to the Ultimate Trousers pattern – what a great way to spice it up a bit! 🙂


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