Capsulate times two!

This month I am all over the challenge. I have been thinking mostly in terms of creating outfits rather than just one piece or thinking about how a certain item will work with other pieces in my wardrobe. I made two outfits this month.

The first one is a green wool/poly Cake Pavlova circle skirt and a white Simplicity 1812 top. I go into more detail about it on my blog.

My favourite details in the skirt are the pockets and the embroidery stitch I used on the top edge.



IMG_20151101_135355 IMG_20151105_203414

For the pockets, I used the pocket piece from the pattern, but didn’t do any of the details for it or add the band to the top of it.

The top was a slight hassle to make. I made it twice. Cut it out, put it together, and then tried it on and well… It did not fit. The main issue was the top cutout. I have really narrow shoulders and a hollow chest and it’s tough to fit. I took the entire top apart. I just cut off the seam allowances, because there was enough extra ease to account for it. It was so much easier than ripping out serger stitches. There are still issues with the top, but it works a lot better than it did before.

DSC_1548  DSC_1550  DSC_1552

My second outfit is Harry Potter inspired and all about the Muse patterns!

A while ago, I had plans of making a Muse Patterns outfit. Then Kat posted the Muse Loves Merino contest and I had to create an outfit for that! Check out the contest. There is still time to create something for it since it closes on November 30.

Eventually, my outfit evolved into a Gryffindor uniform. As soon as I picked the colours of the Sophi cardi, it was set. I ordered my Gryffindor iron-on patch from YourPatchStore on etsy and I decided to make a grey wool Tahi skirt to be reminiscent of a school uniform.



I also had the perfect gold buttons in my stash for the cardigan.


You can read more about the outfit in this blog entry.



DSC_1555  DSC_1565  DSC_1563

I’m in love with both outfits and have plans in the works for several more outfits in the future. I really enjoyed this challenge. It made me more thoughtful about how cohesive my wardrobe is and how I can mix and match certain pieces. I definitely think the skirts could be worn nicely with either the top or the cardigan. In the past, I’ve been very much about the new shiny and made pieces without thinking about how they fit into my wardrobe. Those pieces sadly rarely get worn. Did the challenge help you think about how cohesive your wardrobe is?



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  1. Wow Andie, you’ve been super busy! 😉

    Love both of these outfits. (And I really am going to make a Harry Potter cardigan now. Such a brilliant idea!!)


    • Thanks so much! Definitely make her a cardigan. Find out her favourite house. I’m making my husband a Slytherin one. 🙂 Heheh.


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