Amnesty Inspiration

We’re rounding out the year on The Monthly Stitch with Amnesty Month! Yay! A perfect reason to pull out any of those works in progress (WIPs) that you have hanging around from past challenges, and get them finished and shown off to the world.

Don’t have any past challenge WIPs lingering around? Amnesty Month is also a great time to look back at past challenges and pick one (or two, or three…) to do. Is there a challenge you missed doing? What about your favourite challenge ever? Did you have an idea for a past challenge that you never got around to making? Now’s your time to get sewin’ on those! You can find the full list of past challenges here on the blog.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a bit of inspiration for you.


First up – Indie Pattern Month.

Indie Pattern Month is one of our favourite months. It’s held in June each year, and is a celebration of all indie pattern designers. So much fun! Super easy to take part in for this month as well – just pull out a pattern by an indie designer, and make it up! (Maybe you could make your Christmas outfit using an indie pattern?)

And for those who took part in the pattern swap, or who won prizes during Indie Pattern Month, this would be a great time to pull those out, make ’em up, and show us what you’ve done with them!

(I have a dress yet to be blogged that I made using a pattern given to me in the swap. All going well, I’ll be showing it off on here in the next couple of days! Spoiler alert – it has horses on it.)


Put A Bird On It

Back in April, we had a “put a ____ on it” challenge. The community voted, and we were all challenged to put a bird on our garments! Why not get a bit of bird inspiration for this month? (I’m intending to – I cut out a dress back in April for this challenge and still haven’t sewn it up! Eek!)


Sew Stretchy

One of the most popular Monthly Stitch challenges so far was back in May last year – the Sew Stretchy challenge! There are so many fantastic knit patterns out there, and so many of them are super fast to sew. (And also super comfy to wear during the holiday season!) Not sure how much time you’ll have this month? Why not turn that into an opportunity to make up a wrap dress or a tshirt or leggings?! Fast, fun, comfy and practical.


Menswear and Childrens Wear

Yep, it’s December. And that means gift giving. (And in the case of a lot of us, gift making!) Why not do a little bit of sewing for someone else this month? Hey, you could keep it simple and make someone a pair of Christmas pajamas! (I’ve got some flannel on the way with Minions on it to make a pair of pajamas for my three year old. I suspect he is going to be super excited about them. šŸ˜‰


‘Tis The Season To Party

You could always stick with the December theme and go back to December two years past. (Our first December for The Monthly Stitch!) Make yourself a party dress or outfit! Whatever your holiday celebration plans, sew something up and show it off. A cocktail dress for a work party? A party dress for New Years Eve? Or even a Santa hat for Christmas Day? Whatever you’re celebrating, in whatever part of the world, make something to celebrate in.


So many options! What challenge are you planning on revisiting this month?

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  1. Ooh I just made a Seamwork Oslo that I cut out aaages ago, so that covers sew stretchy and IPM. And the fact it was a WIP. Yay šŸ˜€ blogging soon…


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