Lean Greens

lean greens

I am claiming amnesty on both January and May with this bloke and his fence.  Enjoy, Nicki.

lean greens

lean greens

lean greens

Lean Green Summer Jeans

Pattern:  Jedediah Pants by Thread Theory, size 32

Fabric:  Stretch Green Denim from Deep Stash, originally a coupon bought in Paris

Green Notes:  I bought this denim well before I thought much about the provenance of my cloth. It does seem to be of a great quality, my sons pair of jeans in the same fabric has lasted 3 years of hard wear and still looks good.

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Tidbits:  I had only a few hours to make these so took advantage of my new overlocker to cut down the sewing time.   I overlocked the seams and faux felled the inseam and yoke.  I also cut the waistband and belt loops on the selvedge so i did not have to finish those edges.


The back pocket design was drawn up by super bloke at my request.

Lessons: This is the fourth time I have sewn this pattern and there has been a decent gap since the last pair.  In that time, I really feel like I my skills have improved dramatically as this pair came together so easily and smoothly.    Super bloke has lost a little muscle mass since I made my fitting adjustments but I decided to keep a bit of roominess in these as he is back to exercising more and I didn’t want those quads busting out again.

Score: 4.5/5 (he likes to give me some room for improvement) 

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  1. Wow, these are impressive! Love the fabric colour, it’s quite different and looks great. 🙂 (Also, that back pocket detail – fantastic!)


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