Snuggle on up

For this month’s amnesty challenge I thought I’d revisit a few of the old challenges – four to be exact.

As you may have guessed from the feature image the core element of my project this month harks back to July’s theme ‘Check it out’. I didn’t make anything checked in July – but come winter all I want to wear is plaid flannel. So it seemed the perfect excuse to get my hands on this gorgeous stuff I’ve been eyeing up all fall from Truro Fabrics.

What is the best use of plaid flannel? Pajamas of course. So I’m making Closet Case’s Carolyn Pajamas – which ticks off June’s ‘Indie Pattern Month’ and the challenge of a new-to-you designer. I’ve been wanting to make these since I first saw this gorgeous linen version done up by  LladyBird back in the April.

Now I thought once upon a time there was a challenge of ‘New skills’ but I didn’t see it when I reviewed this year’s challenges, so maybe I made it up. But it’s a pretty good challenge right? Something we should all trying more often. So hey-ho I’ll throw in some new skills with this creation by attempting to use piping for the first time (you can be the judge of how much skill I demonstrate).

And for good measure I’ll  spill my guts  and bring in March’s ‘Inside Out’  too. I used French seams on the legs but have used my pinking shears and zig-zag on the top because the sleeves are sew in flat and then the arms and side seams done in one swoop.

I loved this pattern – the instructions were simple to follow and it came together beautifully! The bottoms were straightforward, although my pattern matching leaves a little to be desired. They are quite ‘fitted’ – not uncomfortably so, but are quite likely the most flattering pajama bottoms I’ve ever owned.

The top came together well and my pattern matching was much better. I love the piping details, it has given me such a sense of accomplishment and feeling so sophisticated in my nightwear! I had a few minor irritants towards the end but that was solely the fault of my sewing machine.

My favorite things about this pattern (aside from how comfortable they are) are: pockets in the bottoms, the curved hem of the top, and of course the piping!

Should you be interested in reading me wax and wane about these some more or just look at the pictures, you can head over to my post on it here.

And of course as promised here’s a glimpse at the innards:

12 thoughts on “Snuggle on up

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  2. These are fabulous! And they look so super snuggly, perfect for curling up with a good book, hot chocolate, and a furry pet. 🙂

    Also, nice work on the piping! It looks great with that fabric, really sets it off. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! They actually were the test run and Im now about to start my second pair this time blue plaid with piping for my BFFs xmas present!


      • I was thinking about making some of these for Christmas presents as well – so much fun! 🙂

        (Although I think I’ve run out of time. Whoops! Maybe I need to get a head start for next year instead. 😉

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