English 2

1202I decided to redo ‘take 2’ as I turned to scraps one of the dresses I made (deleted post). I felt like having two small pieces rather than trying a new dress pattern and not wearing it! I chose a simple blouse, Simplicity 1202, from a sewing magazine for some smooth sewing! I like the randomness of the magazine options.

  1. Laura Ashley. Vintage second hand fabric beige with red print.
  2. Cath Kidston. English designer but I don’t think the fabric is made in england, anyway I love this rose print!

And buttons from a novelty vinyard pack! I love novelty buttons but it’s a wonder what to do with them…(purple grapes, wine cork)

The first I sewed a 14 then had to take in all the seams The purple is just standard 12.

blo 016

Oxford Rose

Thanks for looking. http://renatalaurarf.blogspot.co.uk/

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