Double take denim!

Happy Holidays everyone,

The annual work Christmas party was a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to  make Simplicity 1873 .  My initial idea was the color scheme would be midnight blue or a deep wine and I would wear it with a coordinating floral headpiece.  Of course, when I went to the fabric store, I just couldn’t find my vision.  After several trips to JoAnn’s, I knew my dress would be black.  Why do I wait until last minute to buy fabric?

Simplicity 1873 seems to be fan favorite over the internet and I know why.  It has no nonsense directions and delivers a great dress.  I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

holiday 13.jpg

The size range is 4-16/16-22. I used 14 for the bodice and a 16 for the skirt.  (On soapbox – – It drives me crazy when people don’t tell us what size they use in their reviews – – off soapbox).  I went with the scoop neck bodice and the longer length skirt.

My material is flocked denim. Yes, you heard me, DENIM.  I squeal with delight every time I say it.  It was also a great price. I probably paid altogether $15 for 2  yards.  For the wear I’ll get out of this dress it’s a total steal!



I also made my fascinator.  I mushed several diy tutorials together to get what I needed.  I’ve been sporting a short do, so I knew I was going to have to get real creative.  I used cardboard, felt, glue, netting, stretchy headband and flowers.  A little tuck here and a nip there, it all came together.

The Duchess of Cambridge and First Lady Michelle Obama are my style icons and I’d like to think my ensemble paid tribute to the both of them.

Until next time.




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  1. Gorgeous dress & kudos to you for jumping on your “soapbox” regarding pattern sizing. I know I find this disclosure very helpful when trying to figure out what size to make for myself…


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