Handmade gift for my husband!

I present you with something snuggly and warm, just in time for the holidays! Sadly, this is only the second bit of sewing largess I have bestowed upon my husband in our 8 year history.

happy bathrobe

As you can see, he is delighted. I am, too; I get amnesty for TWO months… May (menswear) and July (plaid).

It was fun and easy to make this robe, although there were enough challenges to keep it interesting, most notably plaid matching on side seams with in-seam pockets!

Like fellow Monthly Stitcher Rosemary I tried piping (handmade!) for the very first time. It sets off the bias cuffs so nicely, don’t you think?


I made a piped bias patch pocket, too, but the husband said it “wasn’t functional,” and he didn’t want it. I’ll save it and put it on a grey sweatshirt I plan to make myself sometime in the future…

Yes, he wanted a functional bathrobe with plenty of ease and room to move… one that he could even practice martial arts in. And that is what he got!

martial arts

More details (plus the only other garment I’ve sewn for the man… LEDERHOSEN!) on my blog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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  1. Look great! And I love the piping you made! I’ve just made my husband a dressing gown too (but shhh its all wrapped up and under the tree still).


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