Simplicity’s Supergirl…altered

Ok, so this is my very first post.

For Amnesty (Dec) I decided to take on the Knit (May) challenge since my 4 year old only likes to wear comfortable clothes. I headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics to find some cute knits. However, they didn’t have very much in stock…… must be a seasonal thing.  So instead I went to my local SAS Fabric Superstore who had a HUGE selection of it, not to mention cheaper prices.

I’ve made this Simplicity (1035) Supergirl pattern before for my daughter’s Halloween costume and liked the simple design. With a simple pattern design, it seems that it would be easy to alter some pieces or add embellishment to the finished project.  So I decided to alter the pattern a bit and make it into a peplum type blouse while mixing up colors and fabric patterns.

I found that this pattern doesn’t run very true to size (some children’s patterns actually do!). She normally wears a size 6 in Ready To Wear, but the size 6 in this pattern was about one size too big for her. Next time I will use size 5. Also, compared to my last Supergirl project, this time I used a walking foot on my sewing machine for the knit fabric…… and what-a-difference! No more frustration trying to get a clean finish on seams 🙂