Brother’s Christmas Present

Hello everyone!!  I love the color of this green fabric, it is a really sturdy suiting fabric.

Green Vest Front

First off, welt pockets are the most finicky thing ever. I have gotten pretty good at them, but not as good as I want to be.  I have also been trying to perfect making a couple men’s shirts, but something I keep doing is off.  Oh well for another time then.

Green Vest Back

I really like making these vests though.  If you CLICK HERE you can see the first vest I made for my boyfriend.

I am still catching up with Christmas presents.  I really hope that I finish them all in time.  The fabric is currently going through a pre-wash.  I still have 4 more things to make as of December 20th.

You can check out the original post HERE!


2 thoughts on “Brother’s Christmas Present

    • Awe thanks! I really appreciate the feedback on the welt pockets! And there is nothing wrong with sewing for yourself! I’ve been wishing to do more of that as of late.


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