A Christmas dress

This year I was expecting automatically that Oktober would be Frocktober. For two years this had been the Oktober theme. Already in August I was thinking about the dress I was going to make. I’m not one who wear lots of dresses so finding a suitable pattern was a mission in itself. Last July I made the Drapey Knit Dress from the book Fashion with Fabric that was released after the third serie of The Great British Sewing Bee.


Finding another dress pattern that would suit me isn’t an easy job. There are some reasons why I’m not so keen on dresses. First I find a pair of trousers comfortable when I’m traveling and second I’ve very broad shoulders and a slim waist and hip size.


Kat and Mel made a different choice to my relief. One week before Christmas I still hadn’t any clue what I would make. My rescue was Chris Moose. When I decided to make him for Christmas I came across fabric and a magazine that I had bought more then two years ago at an annual fabric market.

The joke is that it was originally bought to make a dress for Christmas and hey presto: there is was my amnesty contribution. The dress was made in three evenings. It has a beautiful fit and I’m very pleased with the result. If you would like to read more about the fitting issues and the alterations I’ve made click here.