Check, Check, Check – Is This Thing Working?

Hi, hi, hi,

I actually had this all ready to post and then wordpress got cross and I forgot so here’s a very late summary from IPM and also put a check on it. (On the last day of amnesty – go figure!)

So I won 2 wonderful papercut patterns in the IPM with my double take. I chose the Bellatrix Blazer and the YoYo Dress pattern.

checked 1

So I’m slipping in for show n tell and the check it out theme – so proud of myself! (wink)

Earlier in the year when my sister was here we designated this check fabric for some kind f fun jacket combined with denim because it was just a small piece that I received, in a bag from a friend (I love those kind of friends!).

Sorry about the awful dirty mirror glare! (ugh!)


So I cut a size M and made no alterations or tests – 1. Because I’m lazy like that and 2. Deadline!

It’s a while since I’ve made a jacket or coat so all the lining and collar was a bit of a brain scratch now and again. The blazer is really simple and I like it – I kind of like the juxtaposition of the tuxedo style with the brushed cotton check feel.


I also like the mix of the denim against the check – it feels a little ‘ruff and ready’ (for me, which isn’t really… but hey!). It was the first time trying to do a button-hole in ages and the first time ever on the machine I bought last year.

Of course I did no work to try to match the checks – sometimes it’s enough to remember to cut out the fusing and clip the seams. Not sure how I’m going to style this one but I’m open to suggestions.

checked det

How about you, what styles work hardest in your wardrobe?

Thanks to Papercut Patterns for the patterns and TMS team. Here’s to a stitchy 2016.


Have a great day sewists xxx love you more than a button-hole that works xxx

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  2. The denim and checks make such a fun piece, but I think those checks are just so colorful it would be hard to make them dull. After focusing 2015 on building my core wardrobe, I think a colorful jacket is on order.

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