The Zircon Cocktail Dress

TMSvoor 1026Ending 2015 with a dress and starting 2016 with a cocktail dress. Never thought this was going to happen.

kb jurk achter_1035In this dress I can enjoy all kinds of drinks.

On New Year’s Eve drinking a glass of champagne to celebrate New Year.

At a cocktail party drinking a glass of white wine.

Sitting at a dinner table and finishing a perfect dinner with friends drinking a cup of cappuccino with a cantuccini biscuit.

Why this choice? My wardrobe was missing a LBD. Paprika Patterns released a new sewing pattern: the Zircon dress and I had the opportunity to write a review for it. The pattern is very simple, but what it makes unique are the yokes. Lisa gave the reviewers the change or hack the pattern as we wished.

The easy fitted dress is turned into a more fitted version. The yokes and dress were made of the same color and there it is my Zircon LBD: sparkling like a gemstone.

This dress is a great addition to my wardrobe and I will be wearing it at many occasions. Combined with black transparant tights with dots or a geometric design and a pair of nice black classy styled pumps.

TMSjurk zij_1031

















If you’re interested in my review for this pattern and how I made the alterations just take a look over here.

10 thoughts on “The Zircon Cocktail Dress

  1. Great dress! I never would have thought of making a “dressy” version of the Zircon pattern – it looks fantastic! I love how you’ve used the different textured fabrics. 🙂


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