Announcing the February challenge!

The results of the first challenge vote for 2016 are in:

It looks like you guys are keen to clear out some UFOs so let’s have a good old fashioned showdown!

By the end of February how many UFOs can you finish off? When you write your post include images of everything you managed to finish over the month and tally them up.

It will be fun for your editors to do a little showcase post in March of how many UFOs we each completed and how many we all did collectively.

Teamwork, yeah!




How many UFOs do you currently have?

How many do you think you can challenge yourself to finish in February?

Share your photos of the UFOs you plan to tackle on the Facebook group here, we’d love to see!

12 thoughts on “Announcing the February challenge!

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  8. Good luck everyone! I unfortunately won’t be home in February so I can’t take part. I probably have around 10 UFOs. It’ll be a good challenge when I get home I think 🙂


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