Cheers to Purple Plaid!

Cheers to the new year and what an exciting year 2016 will be! My drink of choice for my Purple Plaid is the “Black Plum Mocktail” from Food Punch. Looks Oh so tasty and would look mighty fine in your hands while wearing this outfit.


[This outfit was made for and modeled by my daughter Mori]

The fabric was my inspiration. I have had this fabric in my stash for a while not sure what to make. I was part of a Blogging team for a “build your wardrobe series” and that’s when I decided to make a pant suit with this fabric. Originally I was not interested in matching the plaid but once I started cutting I thought, yeah I better match this…….boy-o-boy was this a process. Matching plaid ain’t for the weak at heart. I was able to match everything but because of all the matching I did not have enough to match my waistband but I still love it any way. More info along with a pattern review on my blog!


 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg

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