Cranberries and Ice #cheerstothenewyear

It’s been a while since my makes coincided with the monthly themes over here, but this one I knew I could manage…


It’s my Tilly and the Buttons Delphine. I think about the fourth one I’ve made now. The fabric is lovely kind of tweedy-wool that I picked up from a local, charity shop for the princely sum of £1.50 🙂 I thougt the stiffer fabric would suit the exaggerated A-line of this design well. And I promise the colour was truer to my drink when it was in the teabag…

It’s one of my New Year’s sewing resolutions to participate more over here, instead of just admiring everyone else’s handiwork, so hopefully I’ll be popping up a little more often 🙂 For more details of this make, please head over to my blog at Cheers to the new year!

17 thoughts on “Cranberries and Ice #cheerstothenewyear

  1. I love this. It is just what I ought to be making. Well done and welcome back. I did pop over to your blog and sounds like you have had a tough year. Hope this year brings you happiness and a sense of well being. Sewing of course is a great way to start!


  2. I have some small amounts of black wool blends in my stash I bought for something and then changed my mind about (the age old story). I was actually thinking about a skirt this shape and now I see it would totally work! Looks great and I’ll be directly copying come winter 😊

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