Indie pattern Month 2016 – Calling for your ideas

Every June here at The Monthly Stitch is Indie Pattern Month.

It’s kind of a big deal for us so planing starts early, as in, right now! 🙂

This will be our fourth year and as always it’s all about you guys and your editors are looking for your input.

What contest themes you would like to see during Indie Pattern Month this year?

If you missed out on all the fun of previous years or you’re wondering what this is all about, check out our 2014 and 2015 posts here:

Comment on this post to share your ideas or if you are feeling shy you can email us:

6 thoughts on “Indie pattern Month 2016 – Calling for your ideas

  1. I also like the day/night of the same pattern idea. I think the new-to-me idea is winner and that would be a good one to repeat again.

    Along the same lines of the franken-indie, maybe a hacked indie pattern. It could be something as simple as slicing the pattern to create color blocking or lengthening a shirt into a dress and I’m sure there are more complicated hacks that some of the more creative people would think of.

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  2. I thought the ones from last year looked good! How about some form of nomination where keen participants can be nominated by other participants to make a certain pattern? Something for someone else – friend, child, partner? A restricted category for first time entrants 😉? Day and night version of the same pattern? Just a few quick thoughts…

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