TNT Tea Tee

I love this month’s theme! I had lots of ideas… I initially thought about doing something flashy — hmm, maybe a martini-inspired cocktail frock, or perhaps a hot chocolate inspired sweater knit tunic — but I found an immensely soft piece of fabric on the sale table and snapped it up. It inspired my make.



My favourite drink is tea, all kinds of tea, at all times of day. And this print looks like tea leaves, or tea bags, in every colour of tea, Assam, Darjeeling, Green, Oolong or White.


Since there was only just a yard in this remnant, I went with one of my only TNT patterns, Kwik Sew 3559. I love this pattern. While it’s a dress pattern, I’ve only used it to make t-shirts. It’s a quick and easy pattern, with only three pieces if you don’t make a facing for the neckline as called for in the pattern. I just turned under & stitched, but am thinking about a contrast neck binding next time for variety.


And I even have a “matcha-ing” sweater 🙂

It’s a soft, lightweight tunic that is forgiving to the figure and in its short-sleeved version especially, it sits nicely under a sweater or jacket. A softer and more stretchy knit will, not surprisingly, stretch a bit when you wear it. So be aware of necklines and shoulder widths; mine both need to be adjusted a little, which I will remember to do next time round!

I took these photos at my local tea shop, Distinctly Tea, run by a mother & daughter team of tea sommeliers. They are wonderful; friendly and knowledgeable, and they’ve partnered with me for the last two years to produce an Evergreen tea which supports both the Evergreen Award (a provincial reading program) and my local library. What goes better together than tea and books, after all? PS – this tea can be shipped to the US, and with our exchange rate, it’s a steal! Just saying 🙂


What a fun project to work on for a new year!

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