The Apple Cider Nettie

Hello, Friends! When I saw this month’s challenge of Cheers for New Years! drink themed projects, I knew it was time for me to stop standing on the sidelines and join the Monthly Stitch once and for all. This challenge was especially appealing, because it pushed me to make a pattern I purchased almost as soon as it was released: Closet Case Files Nettie Bodysuit. After seeing multiple versions on the interwebs, I became convinced that it would be a perfect item in my wardrobe for the Chicago winters. After all, there is nothing worse than your shirt coming untucked and a draft of arctic wind blasting across your bare skin!



Several years ago, I purchased some apple printed thermal knit, with the goal of eventually making a bodysuit with it. Once this pattern was released, I knew it was a perfect match!

This bodysuit took two days to put together – not because it was difficult, but because I kept getting distracted by other things that needed to be done at home. The pieces went together easily, though there are some things I would change for next time:

  • My fabric doesn’t have quite the stretch that the pattern calls for, which I should have taken into consideration when cutting out the neck and leg bindings. I ended up stretching those pieces to their absolute max to get a good fit. It worked out, but I would rather not fight so hard next time!
  • I used a straight stitch to put the pieces together, and zig-zagged in the seam allowance. This seemed to work out fine, and any waviness added to the seams by the zig-zagging was easily remedied with some ironing.
  • I cut a twelve for the bust and waist, and fourteen for the hips. I would definitely go up to the 16 for the snap area, just to give myself some extra length to snap the closures back together.



I would also like it if there wasn’t a vertical line from the apex of my bust towards my waist (as in the photo above), though I imagine a fabric with some spandex and a little more give in it might resolve that issue.

Now that we are in the thick of winter, I can definitely see myself making many more of these, and someday even making a daring backless one (when the weather gets warmer, of course)!


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay, you’re here! Welcome!! 😀

    I love love love your Nettie – so cute! I hadn’t thought of it’s usefullness for winter garments before – I’m gonna have to remember that for when it gets colder again over here. Perfect for wearing with skirts! 🙂


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